Rating: 82/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '04
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Metal


In case you were beginning to wonder what was going on in the Vanden Plas camp (their last album "Beyond Twilight" was released in 2001), then here's some of the explanation: Abydos is the first solo-album from vocalist Andy Kuntz.

The full title is "Abydos - The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhibitants Of His Diary" and is based on "The Inhabitants Of My Diary", a stage play written by Andy Kuntz, and as you might have guessed, then this is a metal opera. Abydos is as some of you might know a temple located north of Luxor in Egypt, and the lyrically concept is based on egyptian mythology.

Musically there is off course strong links to Vanden Plas, and some of the tracks could easily have been on any of their albums, songs like: "Silence", "God's Drifwood" or "Wildflowersky". On the other hand you have a song like "You Broke The Sun" - a very nice melodic ballad. The songs are more symphonic and bombastic, than we are used to from Vanden Plas. Best song off the album has to be the closing 12 minutes epic "A Boy Named Fly", a song that has everything from it's acoustic intro through the melodic middlepart with it's huge choruses, before ending with an acoustic outro.

Many of you might think: "Ohh - just another metal opera" - and to some degree you are right, but I really think this is one of the better ones, and if you like Vanden Plas, then you'll love this album, because it's great, with a good production, great songs and a well written lyrical concept. And Andy is singing like a young metal God - excellent!

Recommende tracks: "Silence", "Abydos" and "A Boy Named Fly"