VII Gates

Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '04
Label: Sound Riot Records
Style: Classic Heavy Metal

Fire, Walk With Me

VII Gates from Sweden is playing a nice blend of heavy metal and hard rock with some folk and progressive influences as well.

I really like the music, it's well balanced and structured, the production is very good, all musicians are clearly very talented and knows how to write good melodic songs, but what really bugs me is the vocalist!

He simply isn't good enough to make this album exciting - he gets on my nerves when he attempts to hit a high note. Sorry but this album do possess a lot of cool tunes, but is sadly enough almost destroyed by a bad vocal performance.

Best track is the power ballad "So Far Away" where the singer has his best moment and delivers the goods, and proves that he has a great voice.

But do yourself a favour a listen to this new Swedish band with an open mind, maybe you'll like the singer better than me...