Unorthodox: definitive tracklist revealed

8th October 2018

Unorthodox has unveiled the definitive tracklist of the new full-length album “Maze of Existence”. Mixed by Daniel Grego (Corte de Grasa, Raw Rust) will be released later this year by Punishment 18 Records. 01. The [Read »]


Unorthodox: mixing done!

4th September 2018

Recently, Punishment 18 Records has signed experimental thrash metallers Unorthodox for the release their new full-length album that will be titled “Maze of Existence”. Mixing was realized by Daniel Grego (Corte de Grasa, Raw Rust). [Read »]


Unorthodox: a new way to see thrash metal!

14th August 2018

Punishment 18 Records is really proud to announce that experimental thrash metallers Unorthodox has just signed a new record deal in order to release their new full-length album. The first 2015 demos consisted of classical [Read »]