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Diabolos Dust – The Reaper Returns

24th August 2018 Reinier de Vries

Seven years after debut album Ruins of Mankind and Inferno in 2013 it is time for Diabolos Dust third. With some new members also the quility of the music and songwriting has increased. New singer Peter Lohwasser sounds rather [Read »]


INKVISITOR releases a psychedelic thrash single

23rd August 2018

Inkvisitor’s 2nd full length album Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals saw the daylight in April. Now the band has released a third single from that album, entitled Necromancy Cascade, accompanied by a psychedelic music video. [Read »]

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Diabolos Dust

22nd August 2018 Reinier de Vries

DIABOLOS DUST is all about uncompromising modern thrash metal with influences from the 80’s. But the band is not a copy of bands from the 80’s. They pick up the trademarks of this era and [Read »]

Album Reviews

Collector – Liberation’s Fall

18th August 2018 Thomas Nielsen

With an entire page of the accompanying CD booklet dedicated to the memory of Sanctuary/Nevermore voice Warrel Dane, the Boston band Collector set their listeners’ expectations high even before the first spin of the album. [Read »]


MELIAH RAGE: ‘Idol Hands’ video

11th July 2018

Bostonian Power Thrashers Meliah Rage have just released a promo-clip of “Idol Hands”, the title track of their album released by Metal On Metal Records in April 2018. Check out the video here below….

Album Reviews

Defiatory – Hades Rising

16th May 2018 Reinier de Vries

Starting fast with  singing lines in early Slayer style, Swedish Defiatory shows immediately where they stand for. ‘Dance Of the Dead follows with galopping riffs in Bay Area style and influences of bands such as [Read »]


7th May 2018 Reinier de Vries

DEFIATORY was initiated in 2015 by Ronnie upon his departure from the prominent death metal band Aeon. Soon, Martin Runnzell joined the band to fill the vocal position, and the first demo track, “Furor Unleashed” [Read »]