Album Reviews

Phrenetix – Fear

14th November 2015 Reinier de Vries

Not a lot will be familiar with this thrash metal band from Lithuania, I for sure wasn’t. The first acquaintance with the band however is a pleasant one. The band has thrash from the eighties [Read »]

Album Reviews

Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory

28th October 2015 Reinier de Vries

A thrash album inspired by vintage kung fu movies, isn’t that cool? Well, I don’t know, but I was surprised that this band from Northern Ireland already exists since 2002. It almost seems like yesterday [Read »]

Album Reviews

Dew-Scented/Angelus Apatrida – Immersed

24th October 2015 Reinier de Vries

In support of their “Thrash Mercenaries tour”, both bands (or the label) decided to release a 7″ split EP limited to 500 copies. Dew-Scented starts with covering the Vio-lence track “World In a World” from their ‘Oppressing the Masses’ album. [Read »]

Album Reviews

Harlott – Proliferation

20th September 2015 Reinier de Vries

This thrash band from Melbourne already surprised me with their ‘Origin’ album, but with this new album they really overwhelmed me. It is maybe not original, but it is so fast, hard and heavy and [Read »]