Album Reviews

Crisix – From Blue to Black

18th March 2016 Reinier de Vries

After albums of Angelus Apatrida, Raze and Phobos Preacher yet another release of a Spanish thrash band. I was not familiar with this band, but they already started in 2008 and this is their third album. First under the [Read »]

Album Reviews

Anthrax – For All Kings

7th March 2016 Wade Reitz

Anthrax is a band that has always been near and dear to my heart. Anthrax was my gateway band to thrash. I remember reading something about how ‘Imitation of Life’ was one of the fastest [Read »]

Album of the Month

Textures – Phenotype

27th January 2016 Wade Reitz

Science was never one of my strongest classes in school. I was not an idiot, but I was not a star either. Like most people, different topics would catch my interest and I would excel, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Hatesphere – New Hell

22nd November 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Those who thought that HateSphere would be a short-lived blimp on the metal horizon when guitarist Peter ‘Pepe’ Hansen formed the band in 2000 were dead wrong. Despite line-up changes en masse over the years, [Read »]