Album Reviews

Treat – Ghost of Graceland

29th April 2016 Kenn Jensen

Treat was one of the premier Swedish melodic rock bands from 1985 to 1992, then they disappeared only to resurface again in 2010 with their comeback album “Coup de Grâce”. Afterwards they toured intensely before [Read »]

Album Reviews

The Resistance – Coup De Grace

30th January 2016 Thomas Nielsen

When former members of In Flames, Grave and The Haunted form a unit and begin to make music, there is a certain amount of expectation involved. Indeed, my expectations ran fairly high when I received the [Read »]

Album Reviews

Ghost – Meliora

16th August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

I’ve always been a bit hesistant in terms of excitement when bands feel an urge to dress up and hide behind masks. Do they really need to dress up to get attention? Is their music [Read »]