Album Reviews

Astrakhan – Adrenaline Kiss

22nd May 2016 Liam Savage

Astrakhan, hailing from Sweden, have arrived with album number two in the form of “Adrenaline Kiss”.  Featuring acclaimed singer Alexander Lycke (known for singing in productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar”,” Hair”, “American Idiot” and “Les [Read »]

Album Reviews

Royal Hunt – Cargo

17th April 2016 Kenn Jensen

Royal Hunt has a few live albums in their back catalogue: “1996”, “Closing the Chapter” and “2006”, so you might think this would be named “2016”… While playing at some the most prestigious festivals on [Read »]

Album Reviews

Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen

15th August 2015 Kenn Jensen

Andre Andersen and his compatriots in Royal Hunt experienced their biggest success in the mid-90’s with D.C. Cooper behind the microphone, so the excitement was big when they decided to reunite back in 2011. Not [Read »]