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Mr. Big – Defying Gravity

22nd August 2017 Matt Fabi

Mr. Big return with  their new album Defying Gravity, the follow up to the very well received 2014 release, …the stories we could tell. The album was recorded in six days – no, that isn’t a typo. When [Read »]

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Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

18th August 2017 Wade Reitz

Sometimes, taking a break from something can be helpful. A work issue, home project, or homework can all look different after walking away and coming back later. I’ve heard this can also be beneficial in [Read »]

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Rancid – Troublemaker

5th July 2017 Reinier de Vries

Every now and then, I get out of my comfort zone, to review something other than thrash, power, death, or progressive metal. I have a soft spot for Rancid, their punk based music is something I [Read »]

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Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens

25th January 2016 Haydee G.

“Grey Heavens” marks Omnium Gatherum‘s 7th full-length album to date, and the 5th with Jukka Pelkonen as their vocalist since “Stuck Here on Snakes Way” in 2007. According to their facebook page, Omnium Gatherum now [Read »]

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The Shrine – Rare Breed

22nd December 2015 Wade Reitz

I do not get to go to concerts as often as I used to. When I first moved to my adopted hometown in my early twenties with no kids, I went to shows all the [Read »]

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My Hollow – On Borrowed Time

9th July 2015 Wade Reitz

Surprises can be surprisingly good and surprisingly bad. I always prefer a “Surprise! You won!” versus a “Surprise! You’re fired!” The other day when I was looking through the list of promos to check out, [Read »]