Album Reviews

Ghost – Popestar (EP)

16th September 2016 Thomas Nielsen

After the stunning ‘Meliora’ album from 2015, expectations to the Swedish clerical crew GHOST run high. With the EP ‘Popestar’, which is out today, they only in part live up to those expectations. The EP [Read »]

Album Reviews

Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

9th August 2016 Kenn Jensen

Of all the many retro rock bands that have popped up left and right in recent years, no one has had a more sensational rise to fame than Blues Pills. They have worked hard for [Read »]

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Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette

8th June 2016 Kenn Jensen

Scorpion Child is more than just another one of the many, many bands to emerge in recent years that have their roots in the classic rock from the 70s. Their self-entitled debut album from 2013 [Read »]

Live Reviews

Aalborg Metal Festival 2015

13th November 2015 Thomas Nielsen

FRIDAY I cannot start without thanking Lars and the other organisers of the Aalborg Metal Festival and congratulating the team, which this year has brought the legendary bands of the Deathcrusher tour + Sepultura + many talented combos [Read »]

Album Reviews

Egonaut – Deluminati

29th August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

You can hardly say that Swedish retro/stoner/doom hardrockers Egonaut offer anything new to the world of metal, but their new release is nevertheless a decent effort – however not perfect. Starting out very elegantly with the flaws [Read »]

Album Reviews

Ghost – Meliora

16th August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

I’ve always been a bit hesistant in terms of excitement when bands feel an urge to dress up and hide behind masks. Do they really need to dress up to get attention? Is their music [Read »]