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Mabachus – Petroglyph

12th May 2016 Liam Savage

My first foray into Mabachus came with late 2012’s “The Great Culling”.  What immediately struck me about the Toronto quartet was their willingness to take chances and make something that wasn’t defined by a predominate [Read »]

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The Enid – Dust

1st April 2016 Kenn Jensen

“Dust” is the conclusion of the trilogy The Enid began with “Journey’s End” in 2010, and continued on “Invicta” in 2012. As some of you might know this could be the last The Enid album [Read »]

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Haken – Affinity

30th March 2016 Liam Savage

Haken is a band name that in progressive circles is known for quality, musicianship, and an attention to their craft that is being praised by not only their own fans, but fans of all eras [Read »]


Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts album trailer

15th March 2016

Harken up, sunset choir! The moment you’ve been waiting for… We hereby reveal the tracklist, a little audio teaser as well as the formats/bundles/pre-order details.   The Fall Of Hearts (2016) 1. Takeover [07:09] 2. [Read »]

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Postcards From Arkham – Aeons

24th October 2015 Cristina

Everyone can surely name at least one album based on World War II. Or mythology. Or political issues… but albums based on novels? I guess that many will probably think of Kamelot’s “Epica” and “The [Read »]

Album Reviews

Nad Sylvan – Courting the Widow

18th October 2015 Kenn Jensen

Nad Sylvan is probably best known for his contribution on Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited project and on Roine Stolt’s side project Agents of Mercy. And now it’s time for his first solo album in twelve [Read »]