Album Reviews

Messenger – Threnodies

23rd April 2016 Kenn Jensen

Messenger couldn’t have chosen a more fitting title for their second album… Seven melancholic songs about lamentation for the dead that operates somewhere in the sphere of post rock, Floyd’ism, Black Sabbath, classic rock and [Read »]

Album Reviews

Long Distance Calling – TRIPS

20th April 2016 Liam Savage

Long Distance Calling have been a busy crew since their inception in 2006.  Releasing four full-length albums and two EP’s in their decade-long career, they’ve shown a growth over time, not only in their overall [Read »]

Album Reviews

Postcards From Arkham – Aeons

24th October 2015 Cristina

Everyone can surely name at least one album based on World War II. Or mythology. Or political issues… but albums based on novels? I guess that many will probably think of Kamelot’s “Epica” and “The [Read »]

Album Reviews

Nerv – Vergentis In Senium

21st June 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Warning: high technical level! French four-piece Nerv hurl the listener into a dystopian world consisting of furious, angry and complex music. Although marketed mainly as hardcore, this reminds me more of djent stuff. Meshuggah are not far away [Read »]