SET AND SETTING – Tabula Rasa Full Album Stream

8th October 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

SET AND SETTING are a young band from St. Petersburg, Florida who merge instrumental rock with a thick metallic edge and elements of drone and ambient music.  „The result is a captivating, wordless, genre amalgam“, Decibel raved, and Brookly Vegan defined their sound as “metallic chug to trippy psychedelia to [Read »]


WANG WENG – Track Premiere

11th September 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

 Exclusive DK track premiere of ‘Silenced Dalian’ via powerofmetal.dk. Enjoy. Wang Weng – one of the biggest Post Rock Bands from China – will release a new album Invisible City via Pelagic Records on September [Read »]