SÂVER First Video Single “Vanish”

22nd January 2019 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

The Power of Metal.dk webzine proudly presents this new mazing band from Pelagic Records called SÂVER. It’s the new project of Ole Christian Helstad, Ole Ulvik Rokseth and Markus Støle of TOMBSTONES and HYMN. SÂVER from Oslo, Norway deliver an astounding [Read »]


MONO – Breathe (Official Music Video)

21st November 2018

MONO locked themselves in a basement bar of Shibuya, Tokyo and performed their brand new song “Breathe”, in front of director Julien Levy’s camera. The new 10th album “Nowhere Now Here” out on January 25, [Read »]


SET AND SETTING – Tabula Rasa Full Album Stream

8th October 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

SET AND SETTING are a young band from St. Petersburg, Florida who merge instrumental rock with a thick metallic edge and elements of drone and ambient music.  „The result is a captivating, wordless, genre amalgam“, Decibel raved, and Brookly Vegan defined their sound as “metallic chug to trippy psychedelia to [Read »]