SamadhiSitaram – launch track in the memory of PANTERA

9th January 2019

Russian deathcore/metalcore band SamadhiSitaram launched new track Ebash PANTERA, dedicated to the Greatest metal band of all times and peoples – PANTERA! The shining memory of Vinnie Paul & Dimebag Darrell! You can buy [Read »]

Album Reviews

Rex Brown – Smoke On This

1st August 2017 Liam Savage

Venturing out on your own in a musical capacity can be a daunting task at times, especially with a solid history of band collaborations that has yielded a ton of success.  Such is the case [Read »]

Rex Brown

1st August 2017 Liam Savage

A seasoned troubadour from down South with a dense, rich, and colorful life experience, Rex Brown is far greater than the sum total of his already impressive discography as it’s been laid down. Stepping out [Read »]

Album Reviews

Rifftera – Pitch Black

20th August 2015 Reinier de Vries

When I saw the name Rifftera, I thought their music would be riff oriented and with a big Pantera influence. The first thought was of course an open door, because what is metal without riffs… [Read »]

Album Reviews

My Hollow – On Borrowed Time

9th July 2015 Wade Reitz

Surprises can be surprisingly good and surprisingly bad. I always prefer a “Surprise! You won!” versus a “Surprise! You’re fired!” The other day when I was looking through the list of promos to check out, [Read »]