Album Reviews

Megaherz – Erdwärts

6th December 2015 Markus Falkenberg

Clown make-up. The singer is wearing clown make-up. If you should worry that this is a hint that they play something akin to a certain American band that is well known for wearing clown make-up, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Heldmaschine – Lügen

11th September 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Achtung, all Rammstein fans! Whilst we’re waiting for the next album from Till and the boys, you might want to check out this release by another German band, Heldmaschine. Heldmaschine basically came out of a [Read »]

Album Reviews

Stahlmann – CO2

21st August 2015 Markus Falkenberg

Most Metal bands prefer to sing in English, which is why it is always nice for a German fan to come across a German Metal band that sings in German. I’m not sure how this [Read »]