Album Reviews

Silent Circus – Rise and Fall

16th March 2017 Wade Reitz

We all make mistakes. We are all guilty of forgetting something, doing something wrong, or missing something entirely. Of Course, some mistakes are bigger than others, and some affect us in ways that we may [Read »]

Album Reviews

Babymetal – Metal Resistance

25th March 2016 Thomas Nielsen

If you go to YouTube and search for ‘Babymetal’, you get an idea just how big this Japanese phenomenon has become. What initially surprised me the most was not so much that there are many video [Read »]

Album of the Month

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

2nd November 2015 Cristina

It’s safe to say that every fan of the Howard Jones-era in Killswitch Engage got really excited when Devil You Know, a new project featuring the aforementioned vocalist, released their first album last year. It [Read »]

Album Reviews

Watch Out Stampede – Tides

2nd October 2015 Thomas Nielsen

There are days where I feel more modern than others. Today, I’m fairly modern, and therefore I can appreciate what Germany’s post-hardcore troupé Watch Out Stampede do on their new album, ‘Tides’ – also if [Read »]

Album Reviews

Elyose – Ipso Facto

21st August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

  ‘Style confusion’ was one of the first terms that sprang to my mind when received this CD in the mail and listened to it. Judging from the cover, I was inclined to believe that [Read »]