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Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

2nd November 2015 Cristina

It’s safe to say that every fan of the Howard Jones-era in Killswitch Engage got really excited when Devil You Know, a new project featuring the aforementioned vocalist, released their first album last year. It [Read »]

Album Reviews

Novelists – Souvenirs

30th October 2015 Cristina

Novelists is a young band from France that is releasing its debut album Souvenirs in a week. I happen to have read their name on annisokay’s Facebook page, as Novelists were on tour with them [Read »]

Album Reviews

Promethee – Unrest

28th August 2015 Cristina

It is arguable that innovation has become a key word when it comes to metal music these days. If your band doesn’t happen to be among the big, successful and worshipped acts of metal, you [Read »]

Album Reviews

Placenta – XV Greatest Hits

22nd August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

I love it when the promo letters which accompany CDs include sentences like ‘So and so need no introduction’…and you have no first clue who they are. This is the case for me with German Placenta. [Read »]


Interview with Oceans Ate Alaska

15th June 2015 Cristina

April 2015 Please tell me about your musical background. Chris and Jibs both started the band back in school and have been playing music for years, the same goes for the rest of the band. [Read »]