Album of the Month

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

10th November 2016 Liam Savage

Avenged Sevenfold has had a bit of a hard go since the release of their last album “Hail To The King”.  Although that particular album sold and charted well, it’s the first album of theirs [Read »]

Album Reviews

Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer

14th September 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Since Heaven Shall Burn from Thüringen in Germany released ‘Iconoclast’ in 2008, I thought they would have a very hard time topping themselves, or at least to evolve from their Bolt-Thrower inspired take on metalcore. [Read »]

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Carnifex – Slow Death

6th August 2016 Wade Reitz

Deathcore has been a much-maligned genre in metal for quite some time. So much, that some bands who have been aligned with the genre have either rejected the label (The Acacia Strain), changed styles to [Read »]

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Groovenom – Pink Lion

27th February 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Metal needs bands like German Groovenom. No, no, I mean it. Seriously. Although I find most of this album horrible or mediocre, I respect the fact that the band is determined to build something new and [Read »]

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Counting Days – Liberated Sounds

27th November 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Don’t like metalcore? Look somewhere else immediately, you’re wasting time. Counting Days from London seem to be the new, hot take on British metalcore. Not that it sounds different from German or US metalcore, mind [Read »]

Album Reviews

For Today – Wake

3rd November 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Although, arguably, few metalcore bands manage to keep the genre alive with convincing efforts, Iowa’s For Today is an exception from that rule. ‘Wake’ is indeed a potent release with lots of the typical metalcore [Read »]