Album Reviews

InnerWish – InnerWish

20th March 2016 Kenn Jensen

InnerWish has been a strong part of Greek power metal scene on and off for the past twenty years, and this self-titled album is their studio album number five. They have gone through numerous line-up [Read »]

Album Reviews

Now Or Never – II

27th February 2016 Kenn Jensen

If you add a question mark after the bands name you get a question that is fairly easy to answer: Never! Sophomore album from Now Or Never doesn’t offer anything more than your average melodic [Read »]

Album Reviews

Delain – Lunar Prelude

25th February 2016 Matt Fabi

My introduction to Delain was some years ago as one of the opening acts at the 2010 UK edition of Sonisphere. At that stage, though enjoyable, I wouldn’t really have considered them to be peers [Read »]

Album of the Month

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

2nd November 2015 Cristina

It’s safe to say that every fan of the Howard Jones-era in Killswitch Engage got really excited when Devil You Know, a new project featuring the aforementioned vocalist, released their first album last year. It [Read »]

Album Reviews

Wings Of Destiny – Time

4th August 2015 Matt Fabi

Well, this is a fairly typical power metal album from six Costa Rican metalheads calling themselves Wings Of Destiny. It is quite formulaic. All of the lyrics are about mythology or angels. Ok, it’s power [Read »]