Album Reviews

In Flames – I, The Mask

19th February 2019 Thomas Nielsen

There are two things that are true of a new In Flames album: 1. There is always something that unmistakably sounds like In Flames. 2. There is always something that pushes the boundaries for our [Read »]

Album Reviews

Soilwork – Verkligheten

13th January 2019 Thomas Nielsen

“Reality”. That’s what the Swedish title of SOILWORK’s 11th studio album means, in case you’re wondering. And reality is, ladies and gentlemen, that this is a hammer album. Soilwork never said me much, truth be [Read »]

Album Reviews

Arch Enemy – Will To Power

5th September 2017 Thomas Nielsen

With more than ten full-length albums into their portfolio, one has to acknowledge that ARCH ENEMY are stronger than ever. There was a time when I thought that they were a light-weight, pop death metal outfit [Read »]

Album Reviews

Once Human – Evolution

31st December 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Since he left Machine Head a million years ago, Logan Mader has paid his music business dues in Soulfly, Stereo Black and now Once Human, and by having produced, mixed and mastered a long list of great [Read »]

Album Reviews

In Flames – Battles

5th November 2016 Kenn Jensen

In Flames has been my favourite melodic death metal band for ages and they are of course one of the pioneers of the Gothenburg sound along with Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates. Their early [Read »]