Female Metal Voices Tour 2018

23rd October 2018 Thomas Nielsen

Although one could raise the concern that in these #metoo times, a tour entitled ‘Female Metal Voices 2018 Tour’ is a bit of an anachronism due to its focus on gender, one must also remember [Read »]


19th October 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

MartYriuM is a Extreme metal band from Malta, formed by Count Mortem in 1999 with the spawn of the second wave of black metal. This band is a unique blend of Black and Death Metal [Read »]


BLOODTRUTH Release Details for New Album “Martyrium”

22nd July 2018

Vicious Italian death metal group BLOODTRUTH are set to unleash their blistering sophomore full length Martyrium on September 28th on Unique Leader. The ferocious and uncompromising 10 track album was mixed and mastered by Italian producer Stefano Morabito at 16th [Read »]