Album Reviews

Kino – Radio Voltaire

24th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

When the news broke early this year that a new Kino album was in the making many progressive rock fans, like me, dug out their copy of the long forgotten Kino debut album ‘Picture’ from [Read »]

Album Reviews

Long Distance Calling – Boundless

12th February 2018 Kenn Jensen

There are only a selected few instrumental metal bands that can get me exited these days; first and foremost Long Distance Calling. On their previous albums they have been playing a bit with vocals on [Read »]

Album Reviews

Kaipa – Children of the Sounds

24th September 2017 Kenn Jensen

To me, Kaipa embodies the spirit of the Swedish 70’s prog rock scene to perfection. Their sound is rooted in the early days of prog rock made in Sweden, and their warm analogue sound is [Read »]