Album Reviews

Nad Sylvan – The Regal Bastard

1st July 2019 Rick Ossian

Those who know of Steve Hackett‘s solo work will know of Mssr. Sylvan. This particular release is part 3 of the Vampirate Trilogy, beginning with 2015’s Courting the Widow.  This is Nad’s third LP for [Read »]

Album Reviews

Port Noir – The New Routine

6th May 2019 Rick Ossian

Soldertalje, Sweden’s Port Noir have been knocking around for a few years already. After a few recordings over at Century Media Records, the trio have relocated Inside Out! I to will confess to some surprise [Read »]

Album Reviews

Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor

27th May 2018 Rick Ossian

What a pleasure it is to hear a congregation of world-class players!  If you are a fan of progressive hard rock and/or metal, then doubtless you know of the prowess of The Beard.  Spock’s have [Read »]