Interview with Thornbridge

27th March 2016 Matt Fabi

Last month I reviewed the new album “What Will Prevail” by German power metallers Thornbridge and they were also kind enough to take the time a short while afterwards to answer some questions I had [Read »]

Album Reviews

Thornbridge – What Will Prevail

18th February 2016 Matt Fabi

Often the places that spawn a new genre are the best at producing it. Scandinavia for black metal, USA for thrash, so with power metal it’s no surprise that the best of it has, for [Read »]

Album Reviews

Fireleaf – Behind the Mask

14th February 2016 Reinier de Vries

This is the debut album of this German power metal (with balls) band, but with ex-Stormwitch members Ralf Stoney and Micha Kasper (Glennmore) a band with a lot of experience. That experience I can certainly hear because [Read »]