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Schwarzer Engel – Sinnflut

1st December 2017 Markus Falkenberg

„Schwarzer Engel“, aka „Black Angel“ is obviously a nice choice for a name for a Gothic Metal band. Also, they sing in German which is not really typical for most bands from our beloved genre. [Read »]

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J.B.O. – 11

1st July 2016 Markus Falkenberg

I have no idea how much Metal fans outside of Germany know about J.B.O., but over here many people perceive them as a kind of German “Tenacious D”, or maybe as a (only slightly) tamer [Read »]

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Almanac – Tsar

13th March 2016 Reinier de Vries

Almanac is the new band of ex Rage guitarist Victor Smolski. We also know him from Lingua Mortis Orchestra and on this album he combines both styles to one. Other musicians completing the band are: [Read »]

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Macbeth – Imperium

27th September 2015 Matt Fabi

Not to be confused with the Italian gothis metal band of the same name. Say ‘German thrash metal’ and a lot of people think of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction etc. There are elements of the former [Read »]

Album Reviews

Heldmaschine – Lügen

11th September 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Achtung, all Rammstein fans! Whilst we’re waiting for the next album from Till and the boys, you might want to check out this release by another German band, Heldmaschine. Heldmaschine basically came out of a [Read »]