Album Reviews

Gwydion – Thirteen

4th August 2018 Chris Galea

Despite “Thirteen” being the band’s 4th album, it’s only my first opportunity to uncover Gwydion’s music. The band is from Portugal, and their songs speak of Vikings, Celtic mythology and Pagan lore, particularly in relation [Read »]

Album Reviews

Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia

13th July 2016 Liam Savage

One can’t listen to Thrawsunblat without recognizing the importance of the background of this group.  Historically, the band was forged by Woods Of Ypres founder David Gold (R.I.P.) and former Woods guitarist Joel Violette.  The [Read »]

Album Reviews

Whispering Woods – Perditus et Dea

25th October 2015 Cristina

Let’s leave out the fact that Perditus et Dea has been released in February – firstly, there’s no doubt that this album is no light fare, and secondly, it somehow got buried under the monstrous [Read »]


Welicoruss interview

12th June 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Rob Pociluk interviews Alexey Boganov from Welicoruss (April 2015)   Alexey, what are your musical influences when it comes to writing for Welicoruss? HI ! It’s hard to talk about my influences, but my musical [Read »]