Ethereal Kingdoms

22nd May 2019 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Theatrical symphonic metal. Unpredictable beauty. Unexpected brutality. Stories and songs. Soaring high notes, shattering screams. Nostalgic melodies and shattered violins. This is Ethereal Kingdoms

Live Reviews

Nordic Noise Festival 2019

21st May 2019 Mia Hall

The two-day festival called “Nordic Noise” is being held at Amager Bio for the first time since the festival first opened their doors in 2013. Nordic Noise festival is an indoor event, with a huge [Read »]


Ethereal Kingdoms ⏐ Royal Metal Fest 2019 ⏐ SAT 6/4

20th March 2019

Photo: Skøtt Photography ( Danish Symphonic metal act Ethereal Kingdoms is ready for an stage invasion. Arm yourself and be ready at the venue Radar Saturday, 6th of April, at the Royal Metal Fest 2019! Don’t miss it out. Read more about the show [Read »]