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Rifftera – Pitch Black

20th August 2015 Reinier de Vries

When I saw the name Rifftera, I thought their music would be riff oriented and with a big Pantera influence. The first thought was of course an open door, because what is metal without riffs… [Read »]

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Krisiun – Forged In Fury

6th August 2015 Reinier de Vries

Brazil’s number one death metal band is without a doubt Krisiun. With (if I’m not mistaken) their 11th album in their 25 years of existence they still develop their style, without ignoring their old. More [Read »]

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Trials – This Ruined World

27th July 2015 Cristina

We all get into bands in very different ways and have experienced the “love at first listen” or the bands we gradually learned to love. But actually, very few bands blew my mind right away [Read »]

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Vesperia – The Iron Tempests EP

15th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

When I read the words “Epic Metal”, my mind creates a whole movie soundtrack. There is a big orchestra playing… well, epic melodies, and I imagine massive fight scenes involving vikings, knights and something like that. And [Read »]

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Sinister – Dark Memorials

26th June 2015 Reinier de Vries

Dutch death metal icons Sinister celebrate their 25th anniversary with releasing an album with cover songs. All songs are from bands that influenced them, they like or that inspired them. Of course a lot of [Read »]

Album Reviews

Sotajumala – Raunioissa

21st June 2015 Markus Falkenberg

The first thing I noticed about Sotajumala’s album was its speed. It starts surprisingly slow and – with few exceptions – remains slow, but without sacrificing its heaviness in any way or form. There are [Read »]