Crafting the Conspiracy release “Within The Labyrinth” single

28th May 2018

American Melodic Deathcore band Crafting the Conspiracy released their new single “Within The Labyrinth” with Dan Watson of “Enterprise Earth”, taken from their upcoming debut album «The Cosmic Key». The single was recorded by Sebastian Bracamontes and mixed/mastered by Buster Douglas Odeholm at Impact Studios. Crafting the Conspiracy was [Read »]


Crafting the Conspiracy released new single

25th March 2018

American Melodic Deathcore band Crafting the Conspiracy released their new single “The Carrier”, taken from their upcoming debut album «The Cosmic Key». The single was recorded in Big Spring, Texas at “Calico Recording Studios” By David Haro. Crafting the Conspiracy was formed [Read »]