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Memoriam – The Silent Vigil

1st March 2018 Thomas Nielsen

Question: When you’re halfway Bolt Thrower, but not quite Bolt Thrower, do you try to be Bolt Thrower or something totally different? Answer: A bit of both. Last year’s debut, For the Fallen, from former [Read »]

Album Reviews

Burning Hatred – Carnage

29th June 2017 Reinier de Vries

If you would like some history about Burning Hatred, I advise you to click on the band’s name above. I am going to immediately talk about the new album Carnage! This is not a completely new [Read »]

Album Reviews

Sabiendas – Column Of Skulls

7th November 2015 Reinier de Vries

Sabiendas hail from the Ruhr Area and are one of Germany’s  most active live bands these days. The music is rather technical and sometimes reminding a bit of early Morbid Angel, but less complicated. Also, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Atomwinter – Iron Flesh

14th October 2015 Reinier de Vries

Already being in an old school death metal moode with just listening to the new Grave album, this isn’t a giant step to take. This German combo knows all the answers. I like it when [Read »]