HEART OF A COWARD – About Kaan Tasan’s vocals!

3rd June 2019

On Kaan’s vocals   Today, intrepid British metal quintet HEART OF A COWARD talk about new frontman Kaan Tasan’s vocals making his debut on their new record. Their upcoming fourth full length album »The Disconnect« will be available on [Read »]


OUR MIRAGE – release brand new single ‘Different Eyes’!

1st June 2019

release brand new single ‘Different Eyes’ The hot Marl, Germany based post-hardcore outfit OUR MIRAGE is back! Today they release their brand new single ‘Different Eyes’! Watch the music video for ‘Different Eyes’ here: Get the song here: OUR MIRAGE: “Sometimes [Read »]


IMMINENCE – releases new album »Turn The Light On«!

3rd May 2019

release new album »Turn The Light On« Today, Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE released their brand new record »Turn The Light On« via Arising Empire. Including their successful releases of the songs ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Infectious’, ‘Saturated Soul’ and their fourth single ‘Lighthouse’. Buy the new album »Turn [Read »]