Anciients win prestigious JUNO Award

26th March 2018

While about to play the final shows of their European tour, ANCIIENTS have won the prestigious JUNO Award, which is the Canadian equivalent of the American Grammy in the category metal/hard rock record ( for their [Read »]


Anciients kick off European tour

28th February 2018

ANCIIENTS are scheduled to embark on their an extensive European tour in support of the Canadian heavy rockers’ latest full-length, ‘Voice of the Void’ at the Music City in Antwerp tomorrow – provided their airline stops delaying [Read »]

Album of the Month

Anciients – Voice Of The Void

17th October 2016 Liam Savage

I first heard Anciients about two years ago, which is about a year after their debut album “Heart Of Oak” was released.  The band and album did what rarely happens with me, and that’s start [Read »]