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Myrkur – Mausoleum

15th August 2016 Liam Savage

The name Myrkur has stirred up positive or negative reactions depending on who you talk to.  The positives focus on Amalie Brunn’s project as a different take on black metal with newfound respect in breaking [Read »]

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Third Ion – Biolith

27th July 2016 Liam Savage

I remember when I got the opportunity to review this album, I jumped at the chance.  I mean, it’s not every day you hear about a metal band that boasts an impressive resume of former [Read »]

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Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia

13th July 2016 Liam Savage

One can’t listen to Thrawsunblat without recognizing the importance of the background of this group.  Historically, the band was forged by Woods Of Ypres founder David Gold (R.I.P.) and former Woods guitarist Joel Violette.  The [Read »]

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Pressure Points – False Lights

5th July 2016 Liam Savage

Every now and then, a band comes along that restores your faith in the art of musical creation.  With certain bands lacking a creative drive for excellence, it’s easy to get jaded as a music [Read »]

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Be’lakor – Vessels

26th June 2016 Liam Savage

I’ll admit that I’m a relative newcomer to Be’lakor.  “Of Breath And Bone” was my first foray into the band, and while I heard certain aspects of their sound that I very much appreciated, it [Read »]

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Lanfear – The Code Inherited

21st June 2016 Liam Savage

Lanfear is a band that has been putting out albums since their debut in 1996.  And 20 years later, we are given their eight and most current release in the form of “The Code Inherited”.  [Read »]

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What Escapes Me – Egress Point

6th June 2016 Liam Savage

Hailing from Kolkata, India, What Escapes Me have issued their debut (and self-financed) release “Egress Point” to the masses to delve into. With the opening song “Coalesce”, we’re treated to a nice mid-paced guitar sound [Read »]

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*Frost – Falling Satellites

25th May 2016 Liam Savage

*Frost are one of the more mysterious, yet praised bands in all of progressive music.  Giving a very unique sound to the masses with lots of variety in their output is one point that gives [Read »]

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Astrakhan – Adrenaline Kiss

22nd May 2016 Liam Savage

Astrakhan, hailing from Sweden, have arrived with album number two in the form of “Adrenaline Kiss”.  Featuring acclaimed singer Alexander Lycke (known for singing in productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar”,” Hair”, “American Idiot” and “Les [Read »]