Flotsam And Jetsam

31st January 2019

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Sensational and highest chart entry into Flotsam and Jetsam music career! We are mighty proud of 19th place German media control Chart. Also they break the Top 100 in US Billboradcharts and [Read »]


SCHATTENMANN signs with AFM Records

28th January 2019

SCHATTENMANN signs with AFM Records! Electronic beats merge into stoic rhythms, danceable melodies sing about the hidden aspects inside and metal riffs quicken the pulse: SCHATTENMANN mixes the brute force of Neue Deutsche Härte with [Read »]


Iron Savior New Album

27th January 2019

IRON SAVIOR Born in the twilight to conquer them all, to take what it needs to survive, kill or get killed, domination or fall, the only way to survive: to kill them all.” In 2019 [Read »]


ELVENKING: New multi-album deal with AFM!

13th December 2018

ELVENKING: New multi-album deal with AFM! ELVENKING has signed a new multi-album record deal which is good news for both the artist and the label. The Italian band has had a relationship with AFM Records [Read »]


Herman Frank “Hail & Row” single release

10th December 2018

Herman Frank “Hail & Row” single releaseHerman Frank “Hail & Row” lyric video released! The second single of HERMAN FRANK’s upcoming album “Fight The Fear” (out February 8th) is a true Metalgroover! Introducing Heavy Metal [Read »]