Tommy Skøtt – Staff Poll 2017

Top 20 Metal Albums Of The Year

1. Persefone – Aathma

Read my review right here.

2. Wintersun – The Forest Seasons

Read Haydee’s review right here.

3. Wolfheart – Tyhjyys

4. The Interbeing – Among the Amorphous

5. Anubis Gate – Covered in Black

Read Kenn’s review right here.


6. Vuur – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities

7. Defecto – Nemesis

Read my review right here.

8. Theory – The Art of Evil

Read Reinier’s review right here.

9. Pain of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day

Read Kenn’s review right here.

10. Until Rain – Inure

11. Adagio – Life

Read Reinier’s review right here.

12. Prospekt – The Illuminated Sky

13. Orden Ogan – Gunmen

Read Lotty’s review right here.

14. Sorcerer – The Crowning of the Fire King

15. Leprous – Malina

16. Voyager – Ghost Mile

17. Apocalypse Orchestra – The End Is Nigh

18. Septicflesh – Codex Omega

19. Fractal Universe – Engram of Decline

Read Haydee’s review right here.

20. Vangough – Warpaint

Honorable Mentions

Threshold – Legends of the Shires

Ignea – The Sign of Faith

Serenity – Lionheart

Communic – Where Echoes Gather

Nocturnal Rites – Phoenix

The Great Discord – The Rabbit Hole

Paradise Lost – Medusa

Retrospective – Re:Search

Caligula’s Horse – In Contact

Anthriel – Transcendence

Ayreon – The Source

Pyramaze – Contingent

Avelion – Illusion of Transparency

Damnations Day – A World Awakens

Damnation Plan – Reality Illusion

Best Debut Of The Year

Vuur – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities

Best Metal Anthems Of The Year

Wintersun – Loneliness (Winter) Acoustic version (The Forest Seasons)

Persefone – Stillness is Timeless

Pain of Salvation – The Passing Light of Day (In The Passing Light Of Day)

Best Cover Art Of The Year

Defecto – Nemesis

What’s not to like about this one. The dark moody scenery fits the lyrical content perfectly, I love it. It was created by a guy from Malaysia called Julian Aguilar Faylona. You can find him online here:

Threshold – Legends of the Shires

This one was a close contender for the top spot with its beautiful and highly detailed artwork. Brings back memories to the forgotten World of LOTR. Purely stunning.

Persefone – Aathma

Aathma was awarded as Album of the Year 2017, and with this cover it rightly deserved it. It’s a stunning beauty perfectly captivating the spirituality of the album.

Best Video Of The Year

The Interbeing – Deceptive Signal

This mind blowing video speaks for itself. It’s as beautiful monster crafted by the hands of Danish metal outfit The Interbeing. This is tech metal performed at its best. I freaking love it. Check it out.

The Interbeing – Pinnacle Of The Strain

What can I say. Freaky, but yet masterful crafted. It’s a perfect fit for the song. All visuals by Floris Kaayk / The Origin of Creatures – Original version:

Wolfheart – The Flood

So what’s up with this one then. Well, the chanting melodies and beautiful snowy landscapes tells it all. And of course a “viking” washed in blood makes it even more enjoyable.

Best Live Experiences Of The Year

The Interbeing Release Show

“Absolutely one of the best release shows this year, and should you ever get the chance to experience these guys yourself, then don’t think twice and grab this great opportunity. It will definitely be well worth you time.”

The Interbeing (DK)
Sons of Death Valley (DK)

Read my live review right here.

Progressive Aspects Tour 2017

Three of my favorite prog metal acts joined the tour, and all demonstrated why they belong to the top class of progressive music.

Wolverine (SE)
Until Rain (UK/Greece/SE)
Oddland (SF)

*In the Passing Light of Day* European Tour 2017

“I didn’t really care much about the prog metal outfit until the release of their latest & greatest album in their career imo entitled “In the Passing Light of Day”.”

Pain of Salvation (SE)
Port Noir (SE)

Link to event. Read it here.

Biggest Disappointment Of The Year

I’ve had big hopes for the debut release of Firesoul (old memebers of Danish melodeath act Mercenary), but once again Kral & Co. “choosed” to reschedule the album release. Hopefully they have big news coming in 2018.


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