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Top Ten Releases

See, this is where it gets weird. My top 10 for 2017 is only a top 9. Why? A combination of things, really. I have pulled myself out of reviewing releases as such, and that means I simply haven’t listened to as much new stuff as I used to. I still listened to quite a bit, but to be frank, not much has impressed me. I probably missed a lot that would have impressed me, but there you go; only nine releases made it into my list of the year.

Kreator – Gods Of Violence
One release in particular has impressed with its force combined with melody. Kreator surpass themselves again and again, and this release was no exception.

Sepultura – Machine Messiah
Huge surprise at the beginning of the year. Sepultura practically reinvented themselves with this album. Killer.

Blackfinger – When Colors Fade Away
Another album that keeps finding its way back into my headphones is the second album by former Trouble singer Eric Wagner’s Blackfinger. Catchy doom par excellence.

Life Of Agony – A Place Where No There’s No More Pain
Keith, hang on, Minna Caputo and the boys came back in 2017 with an album that has a lot of the old vibes mixed with new twists.

Prong – Zero Days
This is the second youth of Prong and Tommy Victor. It started with Carved Into Stone (2012), and it goes on. Great stuff.

Skyclad – Forward Into The Past
When I’m feeling folky, there’s really no way around Northern England’s finest. A fine and longed for return for Skyclad.

OverKill – The Grinding Wheel
Not the greatest effort ever from OverKill, but certainly a passable release this time also.

Cradle of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay
As always, haunting, shrill, eloquent, riff-rich and powerful. The rejuvenated CoF slay on and on.

Katla – Móðurástin
One of the last albums to hit me during the year was Icelandic Katla’s Móðurástin album. Beautiful, catchy, haunting, moody, simply great.

Best live experiences

Anthrax – Among the Living 30th Anniversary, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Total nostalgia to listen to this seminal album in its entirety. Great evening.

Evil Invaders – Heavy Agger 2017
These Germanic maniacs completely rolled over everything and everyone on this tiny stage at this tiny festival. Madness pure.

Myrkur – Aalborg Metal Festival 2017
Despite my skepticism, the black metal come folk ambient vixen delivered a stunning performance which far surpasses the studio recordings I’ve listened to.

I Am Morbid – Aalborg Metal Festival 2017 
David Vincent. What can I say? The man is a death metal god. Where the slime live!

Biggest disappointment

The fact that everyone says that Paradise Lost’s Medusa is the dog’s bollocks, but I don’t get it? Hard one for an ardent PL fan boy like myself. Have to listen to it again, I suppose…

Danzig is not cutting it. Black Laden Crown proves yet again that sound and production is something Glenn isn’t too concerned about.

The sadness...

Warrel Dane.
Martin Eric Ain.
Paul O’Neill.
Chris Cornell.
Chuck Mosley.

On to Valhalla you go. I lift my horn to you for all the music you brought me throughout the years.

Hopes for 2018

Some peace and quiet around the world. I know it’s much to ask for with Daesh, Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un on the loose, but, hey, optimism is allowed.

Otherwise, on a more mundane note, I’d like to hear new masterpieces from Machine Head, Helloween, Amorphis, Carnivore A.D., Ghost, Judas Priest, Megadeth and, well, Warrel Dane :\

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