Matt Fabi – Staff Poll 2017

Best Gig

The best live experiences of 2017

Iron Maiden on their Books Of Souls World Tour on my birthday weekend is up there. But truth be told I can’t choose between that and Mr Big in November.

Kiske back on vocals in Helloween was a considerable highlight also.

Bad news

Things we could have done without

Several people leave us too quickly.

AC/DC basically calling it a day is a necessary step in my opinion, but the untimely and all too soon passing of Malcolm a very sad occurrence.

We also lost the superb talents of Chris Cornell and Warrel Dane.

There are several more as is always the case. I found it particularly sad to hear of the passing of Nic Ritter, formerly of Warbinger, whom I met when they toured with Evile in 2010.


Things to be exited about in 2018

What I'm looking forward to most

Brand new Judas Priest album, Firepower.

My 6th consecutive Hellfest and this time with Iron Maiden headlining again.

Testament tour with Annihilator and Vader in Spring. Definitely not missing out on that

Hopes for 2018

What I would love to happen

Haven’t heard from Evile in a while. Rumors of a new album and some more shows haven’t really been elaborated on that much.

It would also be nice for me personally if some of this novelty metal bullshit would just fuck off. Good musicians they may be in a lot of cases but this is getting out of hand now in my opinion.


Craziest moment of 2017

What shocked me

No names. A friend of mine is a drummer in a fairly successful and quite well known band that have toured the world several times. We were having dinner one night before a gig when the frontman showed me how he was practically being stalked by a fan who was obsessed. She’d basically written a fucking book to him on facebook and he had no easy way of trying to begin to formulate a reply.

My day job is a mental health practitioner, so ‘obsessed’ isn’t the kind of terminology I use lightly.

Seeing things from that perspective was a little scary.

Best artist of 2017

Who I thought was the best

Now, I don’t think I have been in sync with things as much as I usually am to give an objective opinion on best newcomer, so that’s left out for this reason.

Instead, it simply comes down to who I thought was the best this year.

Now, I didn’t attend a lot of gigs and I sure didn’t listen to as much new material as I usually get to, but the best for me this year was Municipal Waste who treated us with Slime and Punishment and kindly answered a few questions for me.

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