Markus Falkenberg – Staff Poll 2017

Best Albums

There have been a lot of interesting releases in 2017 and this here is just a selection of some the albums I took particular notice of. Anyway, time to get started!

1.  Grave Digger – Healed By Metal

I still wonder how such a powerful voice fits into the body of such a tiny singer.

2. Arch Enemy – Will To Power

In the beginning I was not sure whether Alissa White-Gluz would make it in Arch Enemy. It felt like she was always drawing mean faces as if she wanted to proof that she was tough enough for Arch Enemy. Fortunately she has left this initial phase behind herself and is obviously absolutely comfortable about her place in the band now. And yes, I believe that it also shows in her work.  More of this please!

3. Dirkschneider – Back To The Roots Accepted

A trip down memory lane!

4. Hansen & Friends –  Thank You Wacken

Kai Hansen got Michael Kiske to join him on stage. What is not to love about this?

5. Tankard – One Foot In The Grave

Some call Tankard’s style “Beer Metal” and not without reason. Personally, I have always loved their silliness. “Life is tough enough, so why not have a beer and a laugh?” so to say. This album is not much different except for the occasional serious song thrown in.

6. Sober Truth – Locust Lunatic Asylum

Sober Truth is one of those bands that are hard to describe with words, but Prog Groove Metal describes them pretty well. I can only recommend them!

7. Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

I wouldn’t call it their greatest album, but it is solid.

8. Battle Beast – Bringer of Pain

Fun, feel-good Metal!

9. Kreator – Gods of Violence

Thoughtful, yet brutal, harsh, but also sentimental at times.

10. Incertain- Rats In Palaces

Thrash Metal is alive and well!


And, an honorary mention:

Michael Bolton – Songs of Cinema

I have no idea how his latest album ended up on Frontiers Records S.r.l., but that is how it ended up on our site. Life can be strange.


Best Concert

I can only think of two concerts there. The first one was a Tankard gig. The band was great, but what made it so memorable to me was what I saw in the audience. Yes sure, we always talk about “Mosh Pit etiquette”, but it is always great to see it in action. The fans were really watching out for each other there!

The other one was my latest Incertain gig. I have already seen them a couple of times and really enjoyed how the band got more and more self-confident on stage. It is really nice to see such a young band grow.

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