Kenn – Staff Poll 2017

Top 10 releases

Ten albums that impressed me the most this past year.

01. Threshold – Legends of the Shires
Europe’s best progressive metal band proves once more why they sit atop of the world. Absolutely stunning!

02. Wintersun – The Forest Seasons
 – Finally things have come together for Wintersun on this cool mixture of symphonic metal and melodic death metal. The beauty and the beast united.

03. Pain of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day
 – All it took was for main-man Daniel Gildenlöw to face a life-threatening illness to return to the roots and virtues! The outcome is one of the best PoS albums ever, and the welcome return of the classic sound of theirs.

04. Caligula’s Horse – The Contact
– Their 2015 album Bloom put them on the map for good, and they’ve managed to add and expand their sound universe even further, delivering of the most impressive and diverse albums this year.

05. Sorcerer – The Crowning of the Fire King
– This might seem a bit of out place: traditional heavy metal with lots of doom influenced on a prog head’s Top 10. Well it simply struck a nerve with me and is one of the albums I’ve listened to the most this year.

06. Kaipa – Children of the Sounds
This album captivates all I love about Swedish Prog Rock.

07. Soen – Lykaia
Third time’s the charm. This so-called supergroup has finally convinced me throughout an entire album.

08. Anubis Gate – Covered in Black
AG has taken another huge step forward, and maybe now they’ll get the attention they deserve!

09. The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic
Probably the album I’ve listened to most times in 2017. 70s rock all the way… cool disc!

10. Bjørn Riis – Forever Comes to an End
Headphone album #1 for me in 2017, put’em on and let Bjørn take on a sonic adventure…

Near miss:
* Ayreon – The Source
* Nova Collective – Further Side
* Big Big Train – Grimspound/The Second Brightest Star

Hopes for 2018

Is it too much to hope for peace, love and understanding in world?

Hopefully we’ll be blessed with many awesome new releases; I am hoping for masterpieces from Machine Head, Riversea, Orphaned Land, The Sea Within, A Perfect Circle, Tool and and… and I hope to be surprised many, many times also.

Discoveries in 2017

Not necessarily newcomers, but bands I discovered in 2017

From Norway comes this dark, atmospheric prog rock band that slowly crept under my skin.

With ‘Remedies’ they’ve finally won me over…

Disappointments in 2017

The title says it all

Steven Wilson – To the Bone
Please get back to prog rock again – this doesn’t work for me.

Anathema – The Optimist
Daniel Cavanagh did thankfully release a fine solo album in 2017, because the new Anathema is one of their weakest releases in a long time!

Sons of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony
With a line-up like this you’d expect a lot more than they deliver.

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  1. I agree with most of these, especially POS, Kaipa and Anubis Gate. You’ve always been a prog guy so this list reflects that. Plus, new Machine Head is so far just OK, I’ve only listened to it once. However, new Orphaned Land is fantastic!

  2. I agree almost 100% with your list, and I even had Sons of Apollo and Anathema amongst my disappointments of the year. However, I really like To the Bone, but I can definitely see what you mean about getting back to prog, because this is a clear digression from his previous solo and band efforts. I’m still not sure about Threshold’s Legends of the Shires, mainly because I really, really don’t like the ballads on this album. The rest is brilliant, but it’s still dangling near the end of my list and might not make it when I make my top ten of all albums regardless of genre.

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