Power of Metal.dk Review

Symphonies for a Hopeless God
Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Release date: 17 February, 2015
Playing time: 68:00

In my opinion this album is at least as good as the one that is going to be album of the month February (already given 100 points), but I can't give it a rating of 100 points, because I'm sure there will be albums this year to top this one. Their 2012 album 'Blind' was one of the best orchestral symphonic albums that year and I think they repeat that with this 2015 album. Still influences of Nightwish, Epica, Tristania, Within Temptation, Therion and Lacuna Coil form the base of the songs.

On this album there is a new singer (former actress) Marie Rouyer, she is able to sing in different styles, from high to low, opera and a bit rouch. This new album sounds even more bombastic and theatrical than the predecessor and can be best listened to on high volume or with a headphone to enjoy all the specific elements. I don't know if they used a real professional choir or philharmonic orchestra, but it sure sounds like it. Sometimes mighty orchestral music with opera pieces can become a bit too cheesy, but Whyzdom keeps the heavy parts (especially the guitarsound is heavy) and with the necesarry variety it all stays interesting. Perhaps not as heavy as Epica, but heavy enough to be interesting for fans of this band. "Where Are the Angels" is the only track not really typical Whyzdom style, it has a kind of progressive touch.

With the new album this French band shows that they are one of the best in this genre and especially because of the mighty orchestral parts. There are even parts that remind me of Dimmu Borgir and of course Therion and Nightwish aren't far away either. If you like big choirs, opera singing parts, mighty orchestral elements and this all with good female vocals and a heavy powermetal base, you have to listen to this one.

For fans of the bands I mentioned above.

01. While the Witches Burn
Tears Of a Hopeless God
Let's Play With Fire
Eve's Last Daughter
Don't Try To Blind Me
The Mask
Asylum of Eden
Waking Up the Titans
Theory of Life
Where Are the Angels
Pandora's Tears
Label: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 February, 2015
Website: www.whyzdom.com