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The Clan Destined
In the Big Ending...
Style: Thrash/heavy metal
Release date: 2 February, 2015
Playing time: 27:29

Warning: This is not new material! For those of you out there who have followed Martin Walkyier's career since the end of the 80s (like I have), you will know that 'In the Big Ending' was released as a demo CD in 2006. You can read my review from back then right here. As you will see from the review I loved the music, adorned as it is with Walkyier's as always cleverly crafted rhymes and surprising twists of the English language. That hasn't changed one bit since then. In my humble opinion, the man's gift for words is unequalled in the world of music.

I think it's praiseworthy that Hammerheart Records have decided to make an effort to push 'In the Big Ending' to, hopefully, greater audiences. There's a big 'but', though. I can for my life not understand that there's no new material from The Clan Destined. For me, the demo was a cool introduction to the project headed up by Walkyier and [xxxx] bassist Iscariah (and seconded by among others Walkyier's former Sabbat and now producer and Hell guitarist Andy Sneap as well as one of the most preferred hired guns in death metal during the nineties, James Murphy), and that should have lead to an album proper one would think. But, no, it lead to Iscariah disbanding the pagan flock and then The Clan Destined became little more than a fluster on facebook (where Walkyier's extremely active, by the way).

So, dear Martin Walkyier, I'm confused. Is The Clan Destined a real band, or is it just an idea that is never really to be? 'In the Big Ending' was a great bait to get fans of your music hooked and waiting for more, but where is the new music, then? We've been waiting since 2006 and a re-release of the demo doesn't change that situation, does it?

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to 'In the Big Ending' already, I do encourage you to do so, because it contains six excellent, catchy thrash songs, and as always, Martin Walkyier has something to say to those who are prepared to listen. And me? I'm still waiting anxiously for new material from The Clan Destined and seriously hoping that the creative well hasn't dried up.

View the video for A Beautiful Start to the End of the World right here:

1. Swinging Like Judas
2. I Am Because We Are
3. T.C. Lethbridge
4. A Beautiful Start to the End of the World
5. Devil for a Day
6. More Than War

Label: Hammerheart Records
Distribution: Hammerheart Records
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 2 February, 2015
Website: www.theclandestined.com