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The Crown
Death is not Dead
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Release date: 12 January, 2015
Playing time: 50:23

After more than five years since releasing 'Doomsday King', The Crown is back to claim their throne again in the thrashing death metal scene. With old members Johan Lindstran, Marko Tervonen and Magnus Olsfelt in the line-up, completed with new guitarist Robin Sörgvist and drummer Henrik Axelsson, who has already left the band before the recordings. At the moment the band has no drummer... Who did play the drums on the new album then? It is a well kept secret so far, but guitarist Marko Tervonen did!!

This new album is an almost perfect mix of death and thrash metal the way it should be. The songs on the album are in a same kind of style as their albums 'Deathrace King' and 'Crowned in Terror'. Old school thrash meets Swedish death metal. Just listen to the song "Iblis Bane" full of d-beats and the death influenced thrash track "Struck By Lightning" and you got an idea what I mean. Add on top of that a vocalist (Johan Lindstran), who shouts and grunts aggressive as a caged mad dog and you have the perfect music. Johan has the ideal voice for more thrashy parts and he also rules when real grunting is needed. With "Speed Kills" and "Ride to Ruin" there are two songs on the album I think are not as strong as the others and towards the end of the album the weakest song, the instrumental "Meduseld" passes by. But fortunately the mighty closing track "Godeater" is a real hammer in which Johan tortures his lungs in a way Adam Darski (Behemoth) does.

With such a great closing song, I have to conclude that after an almost six years hiatus The Crown is back with an above average album.

01. Reign
Iblis Bane
Struck By Lightning
Speed Kills
Herd of Swine
Horrid Ways
Ride to Ruin
11. Godeater
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Universal (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 9 January, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/thecrownofficial