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Stream Of Passion
A War Of Our Own
Style: Symphonic/Progressive Metal
Release date: 10 April, 2015
Playing time: 54:59

After parting ways with their former label Napalm Records, Dutch symphonic metallers Stream Of Passion started a crowd funding campaign. Reaching almost twice the main goal of this campaign, Stream Of Passion were able to release their fourth studio album "A War Of Our Own" already in April 2014. Now, one year later, they release it again through their new label Graviton Music.

Although I came across the record very often, I first listened to it when it appeared on our list some weeks ago. Now I'm asking myself why I didn't gave it a chance earlier. "A War Of Our Own" belongs to the best symphonic metal albums I've listened to in a long time. And there were a lot of brilliant albums of this genre lately, but Stream Of Passion's new album is outstanding. Maybe it isn't bombastic or epic, but it has that certain something called passion.

The album mainly consists of dark riffs, dramatic melodies, Marcela's beautiful voice interchanging between English to Spanish lyrics, wonderful violin (played by Marcela herself) and piano fragments and a minimalistic use of orchestra. The usage of progressive elements makes the songs even more unique. All this sums up to an album close to perfection.

In my opinion, Marcela Bovio is one of the most underrated singers in metal. Well, she's been everywhere during the last years: she contributed to the latest releases of bands like Epica, MaYan and ReVamp, she was live vocalist of Kamelot and there were so many other projects she was part of. But still not many people seem to know her. And this is very sad, because her voice is so amazing and one of the most original ones in symphonic metal. On "A War Of Our Own" she shows so many facets, she sings softly, like on "For You" and dramatically and passionately in songs like "Monster" and "Don't Let Go". And I am still fascinated by her control over her voice. For example, Marcela is able to belt a 13-seconds B4 on "Monster" like it's nothing. Just... wow!

"A War Of Our Own" proves that not every symphonic metal band sounds the same. Stream of Passion found their niche in this genre and they created something beautiful and special with this album. They definitely won their war and I hope the future will bring many other victories for them.

01. Monster
A War Of Our Own
The Curse
Burning Star
For You
Don't Let Go
12. Out Of The Darkness
Label: Graviton Music
Distribution: Graviton Music
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: Sophie Ruhnke
Date: 03 April, 2015
Website: www.streamofpassion.com