Power of Metal.dk Review

Spiders & Snakes
Year of the Snake
Style: Glam Metal
Release date: 29 October, 2014
Playing time: 39:03

Spiders & Snakes “Year of the Snake” is like a trip down memory lane back when Glam Metal was dominating the air waves. Given the band’s past this is hardly surprising, of course. 9 albums in 25 years is something that only very few bands manage to achieve, and the fact that they never gave up although they never made it big speaks lengths about their dedication. They just do their thing, they play the music they love, and they do not care about the fact that their fame is pretty much restricted to the Sunset Strip.

Unfortunately this album is unlikely to change the present state of things for the band. Yes, the band plays decent Glam, but the album lacks the certain rough edge that puts the “Metal” into “Glam Metal”. It sounds as if a band from the late 60s, or maybe early 70s decided to add a little Metal to their music, but without going all the way. Fans who are really into Glam Metal might still want to give this album a try for the sake of variety, but it is definitely not a “must have”.

01. Don't Step Outta Line
02. Too Angry
03. Kawasaki City
04. Neutron Baby
05. Drive Me Crazy
06. Hey You
07. Hello
08. Crazy
09. Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
10. Over and Over
11. The Digital Church
Label: Sansei Records
Distribution: Hold Tight PR
Reviewed by: Markus Falkenberg
Date: 11 January, 2015
Website: www.spidersandsnakes.com