Power of Metal.dk Review

Nothing But the Truth
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 27 February, 2015
Playing time: 50:37

For their fifteen years long existence SPELLBOUND twice part ways. The usual difficulties of the musicianship had made the guitar player and vocalist David Maier the idea bearer of the band. The style of the band has a significant growth during the years, but the unstable line up continues to deprive them from serious label. More than an year after the last stabilization of the line up, and whole 8 years after their previous album, the Germans present us their new full length work.

The four thrashers are an idea more melodic and rather more precise in their playing. The smashing thrash riffs open place for rather melodic heavy metal solos which sometimes are acoustic. The catching first performance leaves behind the sense of strong influences from TESTAMENT and a little bit from MEGADETH. The vocal harmonies also are close to these of Chuck Billy which emphasize the similarities. Rarely these days the metal bands succeed to make a metal ballad but SPELLBOUND indeed succeeded to do it in „Dying In The Dirt“. However immediately could be found the shadow of TESTAMENT’s „Agony“. Some similarities to the early METALLICA could also be caught.

SPELLBOUND made an exceptionally precise and pleasant for listening album. They grow a lot with „Nothing But The Truth“. Each song has its history and forges the harmonies of the album. The bright similarities to TESTAMENT take a bit from the authenticity of the Germans but they also emphasize the high standards the band had reached. The qualities of SPELLBOUND set the band close to the moment when it will become famous for wider audience.

01. New World Puppet
Leave This Dream
Forgotten And Gone
Dying In The Dirt
Warcult Of Fire
Broken Hope Society
The Alliance Of Spellbound
Xecution Wave
Of Long Forgotten Wars
Invasion Blue Beam
Label: Bret Hard Records
Distribution: Bret Hard Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 7 March, 2015
Website: www.spellbound-alliance.de