Power of Metal.dk Review

Death by Zapping
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 8 December, 2014
Playing time: 54:26

There is a bunch of labels in Italy that release thrash metal. The number of the Italian thrash bands coming on display also increases. The quantity frequently does not refer with high quality propositions but this accumulation for sure will lead to the appearance of strong bands. In this context here is one more name: Sofisticator.

Without betraying their style SOFISTICATOR improved their musicianship on their second album „Death by Zapping“. In their honor we will remark that they jumped ahead of the middle level of their fellow-countrymen. However this fact is not a so high praise bearing in mind that the Italian thrash metal bands frequently are disappointing. What pulls the quintet out of mediocrity is the invincible monotony in the sound techniques.

It’s great that concerning SOFISTICATOR the obsessed quotes are missing. Their mid-tempo speed thrash metal has a good number of authentic riffs. In their works we hear reflections of VENOM, or maybe it’s better to say of BULLDOZER. The vocals also are in this kind of singing style and respectively wrap up in the uniformity. Although this fact the definite songs are distinguished, and the album has something to offer as ideas. The different introductions and other nonspecific ornaments of the songs help creating the interesting sound of the band.

Diversity makes SOFISTICATOR rather pleasant and amiable. The segment that continues the testament of BULLDOZER is weakly used because of which we should applaud the Italians for their desire and readiness! They do have an identity of their won in their coverage of their music being: A sense of humor, the willingness to party, and the rather qualitative thrash artworks add more prime cost of their releases. I believe that this is not their last word and I expect more from them with interest.

01. Evil Frequencies
Channel 666
Rot-Wash & Roll
Ok, the Price is Right
Quiz of Death
Walker Texas Thrasher
666 News
Miracle Blade
Dark Side of Luna Park
Who Saw Him
12. M.C.S.
13. Great Strike
14. End of Trasmission
Label: Earthquake Terror Noise
Distribution: Earthquake Terror Noise
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 18 January, 2015
Website: Sofisticator @ Facebook