Power of Metal.dk Review

Signum Regis
Through the Storm
Style: Melodic (Power) Metal
Release date: 8 May, 2015
Playing time: 29:00

This is my first acquaintance (as far as I know) with Slovakia's powermetal combo Signum Regis. Their album 'Exodus' (indeed based on the bible) was recorded with known singers of other bands. On this EP new singer Mayo Petranin is present and I quess that this is his first recording with the band. He hasn't got the typical clean power metal sound, but has a kind of hoarse/raspy timbre in his voice like for example Joakim Brodén (Sabaton). I think it sticks to the music although he isn't perhaps the best vocalist in the genre.

The music is well perfomed power metal with enough melody and nice refrains. Nevertheless not special enough in my opinion to really stick out in the overcrowded scene. "Living Well" is a good opener and the heavy riff in the second track saves that song. "My Guide in the Night" is a rather happy sounding song with a contagious melody, but the fourth track is just an average track. Fortunately this is compensated by the fifth song, a fast track with an excellent guitar solo. That Filip Kolus knows wat he is doing is underlined in the Yngwie cover "Vengeance/Liar", which is the song "Vengeance" with a guitar solo part of the track "Liar", but a lot of Yngwie soli look a like each other, so I could be wrong on that part.

This EP is the wake up call for their next full length album and the 4 new songs ("All Over the World" is a re-recording) should make that happen.

01. Living Well
Through the Desert, Through the Storm
My Guide in the Night
Come and Take It
All Over the World
Label: Ulterium Records
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 3 May, 2015
Website: http://www.facebook.com/signum.regis