Power of Metal.dk Review

Satan's Wrath
Die Evil
Style: Blackened Thrash
Release date: 1 May, 2015
Playing time: 30:00

This evil combo from Greece knows how to make some unholy music. Everything on this album breaths early 80's blackened thrash. The evil sounding vocals, the sound, the whole atmosphere and not in the last the mix of influences.

It is a potpourri of Venom, Possessed, Destruction, Whiplash, Bathory, Necrophobic, Sadus and early Slayer. Don't expect very complicated music, just high speed songs with fast solos and drums that hammer on from start to finish. Before you know it the last song tortures your speakers, because it is just an half an hour of devestating scorching blackened old school thrash. Lucky enough the production is better than early Venom and Possessed albums, but still it breaths the authentic eighties atmosphere.

An album that will find its way to the real fans of this style, but will no doubt be disliked by a lot of others that like the perfect overproduced releases. Although I'm not a real fan of this style, every now and then it is just the variation I need. 

01. Raised On Sabbaths
Satanic War
Diabolic Shudder
Die Evil
Dead Of the Shallow Graves
At the Strike Of Twelve
A Mindless Servant Of Satan
Castle Of Torment
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 22 April, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/666satanswrath666