Power of Metal.dk Review

Riddle House
Nature of the Story
Style: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Release date: 30 April 2015
Playing time: 23:28

Being a reviewer has its moments and this is one of them. Ben from Riddle House contacted me about reviewing this EP and I am very glad that he did. The three tracks on this EP are nothing short of beautiful. Why are they beautiful? First, King's X bassist Doug Pinnick supplies the bass for the title track and they have captured what might be Doug's finest performance ever. His bass is crystal clear and so supple. It fits the music of "Nature of the Story" perfectly.

Then you have the band who, since this is an instrumental album, have to be almost lyrical in their approach to the music. Yes, Ben can and does shred a little from time to time on guitar but they are always quite tasty and appropriate. The key to the EP is the recordings of Ben and Rob's grandfather Larry who often recorded his own thoughts and ideas. I am not someone who likes spoken word if it interrupts the songs and this is not that at all! Honestly, Larry is a part of the music. The music brings his thoughts on life and happiness to life.

If we all could have a tribute like this album, the world would be a beautiful place. I am not moved nearly enough by music that is firmly based in reality. This EP is quite moving. Thank you to Ben and Riddle House for making it. Thank you mostly to Larry for reminding me how beautiful life can and should be.

01. Nature Of The Story
Under a Breaking Wave
Be Good: A Silhouette Behind Forever
Label: Independent
Distribution: Independent
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 9 May 2015
Website: riddlehouse.bandcamp.com