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Harder Than Steel
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 30 January, 2015
Playing time: 44:28

The Colombian band REVENGE grows in a rather aggressive metal environment in their country. It’s not surprising that its two founders participate actively in harder projects. The speed metal of the quartet presents the tender side of their native scene!

With no doubt the sixth album of the band demonstrates its growth in compositions and as a studio development corresponding to the experience gained.  That is why „Harder Than Steelsucceeds to overcome the frame of the local label that released the band for years, and it will reach wider audience.

After the fiasco of RUNNING WILD the process of multiplication of the inheritors of the classic period of the Germans REVENGE is a part of this direction. They have devoted themselves to the sound of 80es, and in many relations they achieve such an identity. This would give an opportunity to the young fans to live these past times and to get inspired. For the people who know the works of RUNNING WILD this album is something like a memory for the memory – the great number of quotes although the cosmetic dynamics of the melodies smashes the identity of the band. Of course for the running maniacs „Harder Than Steelis a gift from the fortune. It is a bit embarrassing – does Santa Claus become to visit too frequently these people??? We hope that at least they are happy, but I did not find the song that could light my inner spark.

The dynamic galloping rhythms of the songs are suitable for heavy metal parties. The vocals of Estsеban „Hellfire“ Mejía return us to the best of Rolf Kasparek in a very impressive way. The riffs and the solos are precisely structured and recorded in the manner of the 80es, but they had overcome the technical defects from this time and sound rather tightly. However for a “dirty” ear like mine the Colombians are something like a literature analysis of a favorite book – the analysis is full but the inspiration is amputated. Fortunately this does not lower the wealth of the album. The last two songs are covers: of themselves from their album „Death Sentence“ (2009), and guess by which band???

01. Headbengers Brigade
Harder Than Steel
Witching Possesion
Back For Vengence
Torment And Sacrifice
At The Gates Of Hell
Flying To Hell
Chains And Leader
Label: Iron Shield Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 23 February, 2015
Website: www.revengespeedmetal.com